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Start-Up Claims Immortality For Data With 'Stone-Like' Disc

Submitted by Javelin on August 8, 2011 - 11:12pm.

Re:Immortal Reader As Well
by camperdave (969942)

I would hope in 2,000 years your average archaeologist would have the tools to scan the disk at a molecular level and have an AI extract any important information based on historical archives of data formats.

"Esteemed Instructor. I have found a stone disk from 2000 years ago, in the diggings."
"Have you indeed? Is it intact?"
"Yes, Esteemed Instructor. I have taken the liberty of scanning the disk at the molecular level, and I have had my AI extract the information based on the historical archives of known data formats."
"And what have you found?"
"This! []"